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Every summer young Andre* visits his grandmother, Charlotte Lemmonier, whom he loves dearly. In a dusty village overlooking the vast Russian steppes, she captivates her grandson and the other children of the village with wondrous talesNwatching Proust play tennis in Neuilly, Tsar Nicholas IIOs visit to Paris, French president Felix Faure dying in the arms of his mistress. But from his mysterious grandmother Andre* also learns of a Russia he has never known: a country of famine and misery, brutal injustice, and the hopeless chaos of war. Enthralled, he weaves her stories into his own secret universe of memory and dream. A poignant story of a Soviet boyOs ascent into adulthood in the 1960s and O70s, DREAMS OF MY RUSSIAN SUMMERS is an epic tale full of passion and tenderness, pain and heartbreak, mesmerizing in every way.

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