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Rumini - angol


ISBN: 9789634102724

Rumini - angol

Prepare to set sail on a journey of magic and excitement in a story filled with thrilling characters and daring deeds. Rumini, the new deckhand on the Queen of the Winds, soon makes close friends and becomes a hero, using his wits to outsmart pirates, sea monsters, and all manner of devious villains.In Rumini's world, nothing is quite as it seems at first. There are hidden dangers around every corner and valiant deeds to be done. Join Rumini as he travels from the narrow alleys of Mouseville through the treacherous Dragon Straits and down the twisting streets of a famous bazaar. His story is your gateway into the world of a little mouse with the heart of a lion.Welcome, we have been expecting you!LET'S SET SAIL! ADVENTURE AHOY!

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