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The Book of Tomorrow

Tamara Goodwin has it all: good looks, nice clothes, a car waiting for her on her 17th birthday. That is until her dad decides to take his own life and her world collapses around her. Tamara and her mother, who is lost inside of a deep fog, move in withher Aunt Rosaleen and Uncle Arthur who live in the middle of nowhere, and suddenly Tamara's life is drastically different. With nothing to do, Tamara takes an interest in the travelling library and Marcus, the handsome boy who runs it. Tamara is drawn toa thick book which is padlocked in the non-fiction section. With the help of Sister Ignatius, the nun who Tamara has befriended, she opens it and finds that this is The Book of Tomorrow. Every morning Tamara wakes and finds a diary entry, in herhandwriting, dated with tomorrow's date and telling of tomorrow's events. This isn't the only strange thing that happens. Tamara's Aunt Rosaleen is doing mysterious things and keeping unusually close tabs on Tamara. Tamara is determined to get to thebottom of her aunt's secrecy, and with the help of her new friend Weseley, they start on a journey that will lead her to the answers that she's been looking for...

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